Police officer shoots man after being dragged

Dragged officer fired multiple times


BAYTOWN, Texas – A Baytown police officer was recovering Wednesday after being dragged more than 40 feet Wednesday.

According to police, a 28-year-old man reversed his car in an attempt to get away from the officer.  During the dragging, the officer fired multiple times, shooting the man at least once, investigators said.

Both are being treated at the hospital. The officer is expected to be OK.

The incident happened in the 6000 block of Garth Road in the parking lot of the Rosemont at Baytown Apartments. Police said the man's estranged wife initially drove herself to a nearby clinic, where an off-duty police officer was working the front counter. According to investigators, the officer looked into the man's background and noticed he had a warrant for his arrest on a felony drug charge.

When police arrived at the apartment complex to arrest the man, according to investigators, he was sitting in the driver's seat of his car. Baytown police said the officer tried to get the man out of his car when the man reversed the vehicle and dragged the officer more than 40 feet.  That’s when, police said, the officer discharged his weapon and shot the man at least once.

"The man put the vehicle in reverse, backed up aggressively about 50 feet dragging the officer with him. While the officer was being drug (sic) he was fearful, he withdrew his weapon and fired at the suspect," Lt. Eric Freed with the Baytown Police Department said.

The man was flown to the hospital. The officer suffered injuries to his hand and is expected to be OK, according to police.

Investigators said police had previous interactions with the man and his estranged wife, who are separated. There were three prior reports of the man harassing his estranged wife, according to police.

"They are estranged they have a lot of history with us as far as him harassing her. He was inside the apartment actively destroying it," Freed said.  

There were no reports of injuries to the wife.

Police have not identified the officer, nor the suspect.