Driver hits man, goes airborne in parking lot

Two people were taken to the hospital after the collision


SAN ANTONIO – Jennifer Hopkins hugged her two children a little tighter Friday night after experiencing a scene right out of an action movie.

“It was like a special effect from a movie is really what it felt like,” said Hopkins. “It was crazy.”

Authorities said a female driver heading westbound on Henderson Pass lost control, crossed a sidewalk and hit a man sitting nearby. She then went over some rocks, going airborne and flying between two trees before landing on several cars, including Hopkins’ SUV at the Chuy’s parking lot.

“We're standing kind of close to the car and talking and walking this way and heard a screech and turned around and saw a big black cloud of smoke,” she said. “It looked like it was going to keep coming toward us so I screamed at the kids to run because it was in the air.”

The driver and man who was hit were taken to University Hospital, his condition is unknown. A witness and paramedic were injured helping the driver out of her vehicle but those injuries were not serious. Hopkins’ husband was inside Chuy’s during the crash and came out after she texted him about the bizarre crash.

“He came out, and I think he was shocked that it was as bad as it was. It's bad,” she said. “I feel so blessed and glad that we're OK. We definitely had an angel watching over us.”

It’s unclear if the driver will face any charges. San Antonio police said speed may have been a factor in a crash involving multiple vehicles.