Road projects on 1604 taking shape

Drivers are still getting frustrated over traffic-woes

SAN ANTONIO – A series of projects along Loop 1604 designed to ease traffic in an area with a growing population is taking shape.  

Nikita Hernandez said she drives through the area daily and appreciates TxDOT’s efforts, but she is growing impatient.

"I think they're trying as best they can I guess but it's taking a long time," Hernandez said.

A new intersection opened Saturday along one of the areas: Shaenfield Road and Loop 1604.  

David Babineaux, who also lives in the area, said it’s virtually impossible to avoid the traffic jams during rush hour. "I generally don't have to come this way.  I do go down Braun Road though it is pretty much the same story over there," he said. 

Residents that live in neighborhoods near the new intersection told KSAT they often budget as much as an additional half-hour to account for the lengthy traffic jams. Hernandez said that despite the improvements she believes it'll be hard for road construction efforts to catch up with the population growth.

"All the buildings that they are building and all the new population. Maybe it'll work for a little while but San Antonio's growing," Hernandez said.

Other drivers said they've gotten good at finding short cuts, “Thank God for the back roads," said Janie Silvas.