Man accused of hitting 83-year-old mother with tire iron

Andrew Garza, 63, has been charged with injury to the elderly


SAN ANTONIO – Andrew Garza, 63, is accused of hitting his 83-year-old mother with a tire iron.

San Antonio police found Garza's mother in her home in the 700 block of S. San Eduardo last month, suffering from cuts and bruises on her head, arms and hands.

The woman said her son, who had recently gotten out of prison, had been coming by her home and asking for money. She gave money to him several times, but on the day of the attack she refused.

Police said Garza hit her in the head with a tire iron, then on her hands and arms when she was defending herself.

Police said he told his mother that he is the devil and he was going to kill her during the attack.

Police also said Garza robbed another person in a separate case.

The mother was taken to the hospital for treatment. She gave police a statement on Jan. 27, ten days after the attack. They also had her identify Garza in a photo lineup.

Andrew Garza is charged with injury to the elderly.

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