SAPD reminds drivers to have patience on roadways

If road rage occurs, call police, head to substation

SAN ANTONIO – A recent incident out of Austin, which has gone viral on social media, is serving as a reminder to drivers to practice patience on the roadways.

The video shows two men engaged in a physical fight in an apparent case of road rage.

While there has not been an increase in road rage incidents in San Antonio, SAPD spokesman Doug Greene said it’s nothing new to commuters in the area.

“Sometimes these road rage incidents happen because someone is either cut off, or somebody does some sort of traffic violation or they're driving aggressively,” Greene said.

Police say if something like this happens to you, you should never get out of your vehicle, and instead, immediately call 911.

“Give us a good description of the vehicle or the person that you are involved in an incident with,” Greene said. “Give us a description of the car, and the direction of where you're going and, of course, your location.”

If possible, head to one of the six police substations in the city, he added.

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