Drugged driving on the rise nationwide, report says

Report states 1 in 5 drivers under influence of drugs

SAN ANTONIO – According to a recent report by the Governor's Highway Safety Association, drugged driving is on the rise with 22 percent of drivers testing positive for some drug or medication.

The report stated that drugs were present in 40 percent of crash fatalities, almost the same number as alcohol, with marijuana the most commonly used drug behind the wheel.

"Sometimes a poor choice can lead to some tragic situations," Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood said. "We see so many things in this office. We see the intoxication manslaughters, where people's lives are never the same."

LaHood said in addition to marijuana, Bexar County drivers are also testing positive for other drugs, both illegal and prescription, like Xanax, methamphetamine and cocaine, among others.

In terms of times of day when DUI drivers are on the road, LaHood said DUI offenses are seen all day long no matter the time, but there's typically an increase later in the evening after dinnertime.

"Just be responsible and make sure you're not driving. That's the key," LaHood said. "If you're publicly intoxicated, you'll be dealt with as well, but it's getting behind a wheel that makes it dangerous. That car can be dangerous if not treated properly."

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