San Antonio group making journey to Ciudad Juarez to hear the Pope

The Pope will be in Mexico for six days

SAN ANTONIO – Pope Francis arrived in Mexico City Friday evening. The six-day tour of the country by the head of the Catholic Church will include several stops, including Ciudad Juarez.

The papal visit is expected to highlight poverty, corruption, violence and immigration.

"I just want to see the Pope. How can I explain? It’s like Jesus is alive on Earth again," said Sandy McIver, who is traveling to Juarez.

McIver is one of 60 people, who signed up to make the trip to the border town.

 "There's going to be two hundred and something thousand people there. I'm very short so I just hope I get to see him," said McIver.

The trip was organized by Rosy Lavin the president and CEO of Casa Paisano.

"It's a company who works with immigrants, with all the Hispanic community who lives in the United States," Lavin said.

The group will begin their journey Tuesday morning. They will go south of the border Wednesday for a special Mass celebrated by the Pope.

"We want to receive the message of love. He's a missionary of love and mercy," said Lavin.