SA women, hoping to deliver message, traveling to see Pope Francis

SAN ANTONIO – Pope Francis will travel to Ciudad Juarez on Wednesday to hold a special Mass and thousands of people are expected to attend.

A delegation of women will also make the trip. The Domesticas Unidas organization, along with immigrant workers' organizations, hope to deliver a message to the pope.

The women will travel to El Paso Monday morning and then cross into Mexico.

"I want to tell the pope to please meet with the governments in Mexico and in the United States so that there is Immigration reform, So that they will stop deportations and so that they will close the detention centers," said Araceli Herrera, a member of Domesticas Unidas.  

This will be the second time these women will catch a glimpse of the man they call the "People's Pope"

"We walked 100 miles starting at a detention center in Baltimore and walked all the way to Washington D.C. We saw the pope and started collecting signatures and sent him a letter," Herrera said.

That letter detailed the organization’s mission to empower the domestic worker.

"The majority of them are undocumented. Lots of them are in the process of being deported or their husbands have already been deported and are in Mexico," Herrera said.