Community gathers to remember Stevens High student killed last year

Daveon Jordan, 18, shot to death last year

SAN ANTONIO – The Stevens High School community gathered Tuesday night to celebrate the life of Daveon Jordan, 18, who was killed in a shooting last year.

Jordan was gunned down in the 1200 block of Longmont Drive.

Ricky Rodriguez said Jordan was like a brother to him, so he wanted to show his support for Jordan's family at Tuesday's vigil.

"We're all just here to remember, share the memories we have with one another and just comfort each other, because even right now, a year later, it still hurts," Rodriguez said.

Candles lit up a baseball field parking lot where nearly 100 people mourned Jordan, many of them believing that he was here in spirit.

"Just being out here with everybody is overwhelming already," said Rolando Vasquez, a friend of Jordan's. "What happened, we can't take it back, but I know he's still here with us."

Jordan's family and friends said they were happy to see a large show of support on Tuesday night, even after a year.

"It means a lot for everybody to come out," said Whitley Brandt-Montgomery. "He has a lot of friends. I'll see on Twitter or Facebook how many people are talking about him."

Jordan's sister, Maliaha Byrd, said she believes her brother would appreciate the show of support, too, and that he would be smiling, the way she would like to remember him.

"I don't think he would say anything," Byrd said. "He would just smile a lot. He would always smile."

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