Pope Francis blesses 2 Texas nuns en route to special Mass

Pontiff wraps up 6-day trip to Mexico

EL PASO, Texas – Pope Francis ended his six-day mission in Mexico on Wednesday evening, but not before leaving two South Texas nuns with memories they will never forget.

While on the papal route to his special Mass, Pope Francis made a stop to bless a group of nuns waiting on the U.S. side.

"I easily cry, that's one thing. I'll be so thrilled because here is someone who supports our cause," said sister Fatima Santiago of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Penitas.

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Sister Norma Pimentel of the Scared Heart Church in McAllen was also among those nuns. She believes that by visiting Ciudad Juarez the pope is shining a light on those who have suffered to make a better life for themselves in the U.S.

"To be there at the river to pray with him in acknowledging all those people that have suffered and have died in their journey, it's very touching," Pimentel said.

Pimentel has been on the front lines of immigration battle. She's dedicated her life to helping thousands of undocumented immigrants with food and shelter.

In September, the holy father himself took notice.

The pontiff personally recognized sister Pimentel and thanked her for her work.

"That was the most wonderful moment in my life. I could've never imagined that that would of happened to me. To know that the father knows me by name and is calling me forward and telling me, 'I love you,' is like the best thing you could ever imagine," Pimentel said.

Pimentel was able to travel to New York where she met Pope Francis. She confesses nothing compares to joining him in prayer.

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