Demolition begins on Mirasol Homes in Blueridge Subdivision

Fifteen years and one lawsuit later, the first of many Mirasol homes are coming down.

Over the next several weeks, 39 homes are set to be demolished in the Blueridge Subdivision. A total of 80 homes will be demolished in three Mirasol subdivisions.

"It represents restoration and a milestone today and rebuilding of this neighborhood," said Rosario Neaves, San Antonio Housing Authority director of communications.

Although it only took 30 minutes to tear 1523 Northwest 26th Street down, the home, along with several others, has been a decade-long nightmare for residents.

"They made them the first time, (and) they didn’t do a good job on them, because all the water is just going to your property," Guadalupe Bustos said.

The homes were built in the early 2000s. Bustos lives in a two-story home, just like the one torn down Thursday, but his home is a little ways down the road. Bustos said mold was a big problem for him and his family.

"The builder was KB Homes, and they did not do a quality job of building the homes, so we actually went and sued the builder and won that lawsuit in 2011," Neaves said.

But it’s been a long time since residents have seen any sort of progress. Many of the homes have been left abandoned and boarded up.

"Abandoned homes in a neighborhood, it’s going to bring some unwanted activity, suspicious criminal activity, tagging, or crime, and we’re happy that finally we can take these homes down for the neighbors that have remained in Blueridge (so they) don’t have to deal with those problems," Neaves said.

Thursday, JR Ramon & Sons, Inc. leveled the second of 39 homes scheduled for demolition in the Blueridge subdivision.

From the roof to the foundation, it will all be scrapped and hauled away. Another 41 homes in other subdivisions of the Mirasol community will share the same fate, and it’s all to make room for new homes to be built.

And neighbors are already anticipating what will take their place.

"Rebuild something but to do it right," Bustos said.

SAHA said it is dedicated to offering quality affordable homes to lower-income families. They told KSAT12 News that quality is the focus when considering a new builder.

KB Home could not comment but did said that "KB Home is not privy to the Housing Authority's current plans for Mirasol, but we wish the best to all of those involved."

KSAT also reached out to Magi Real Estate but has yet to receive a response.