GOP supporters, critics join candidates in Houston

HOUSTON – In the final debate before Super Tuesday it was not only the Republican candidates for president who came to Texas.

"The party as a whole has shifted dangerously to the right," Dr. David Michael Smith with February 25th Coalition said. "It's a group of immigrant rights and leftist organizations that are totally opposed to the sexism and the racism and the anti-working class politics of the Republican Party"

"Get the minimum wage raised up so we can all have a better way of life," Janice Talton of Fight for 15 said in explaining her goal of getting the minimum wage raised to $15 per hour.

But there were also supporters of the GOP candidates.

“Trump's going to be out next president without a doubt,” said Tony Randall, co-chair of Donald Trump’s Houston campaign. “He's going to bring back jobs to the United States. That's what we need. It's more about the economy for me than it is anything else.”

Central Texan Shelly Kramer drove to Houston from San Marcos to show her support for Ben Carson.

“He refuses to be part of the establishment. The establishment wants him to quit and he's like no, that's exactly why he's not going to quit,” she said.

“Remember there are still 46 states left. Only four have been done,” Ben Carson said.

Voters in Texas and 12 other states go to the polls on Tuesday.

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