Woman admits her role in robbery, murder

‘I led him to his death,' Jacqueleen Olivo says

SAN ANTONIO – Jacqueleen Olivo, 21, admitted Friday during her sentencing hearing that she “set up” her drug dealer.

Olivo testified that the plan was for her to accompany Jose Daniel Avila to his home where two accomplices were going to rob him. She said Avila was her drug dealer and she knew he had $5,000 with him in May 2013.

Olivo, who pleaded guilty earlier to aggravated robbery, said it was supposed to only be a robbery.

“If I knew that that was going to happen I would never have done it,” Olivo testified.

“The plan was not to murder anybody and I didn’t even see the murder – I ran from it,” she said, telling the court that the two men burst into Avila’s bedroom and began to attack him.

Avila was stabbed in the back 36 times.

“I led him to his death and I’m sorry,” she said, sobbing before she was sentenced. Olivo testified that she did not know the names of the two men involved. She said she knew only one as Danny and the other only by his street name, Conejo.

She asked for probation. Prosecutors asked for a sentence of no fewer than 30 years in prison.

Judge Steve Hilbig sentenced Olivo to 43 years.

Following sentencing Olivo apologized to Avila’s family, who was seated in the courtroom.

“I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I do ask for it because I am sorry,” she said.

“I don’t feel we should give you anything, not even forgiveness,” Avila’s sister, Janie Avila, said.

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