Student injured in school assault home from hospital, father says

Miguel Figueroa says son is not the same

SAN ANTONIO – Brandon Figueroa, 18, a senior and football player at Brackenridge High School, is home from the hospital after being knocked unconscious in an assault on campus Wednesday that was captured on cellphone video.

Figueroa suffered a concussion and a seizure after the first blow allegedly by Levonte Montgomery, 17, caused his head to slam into the school hallway floor.

“Then the other kid went and hit him again. It wasn’t like one punch,” said Miguel Figueroa, the injured young man’s father. “He intentionally meant to harm him.”

Miguel Figueroa said his son, who is on anti-seizure medication, isn’t the same active, energetic young man.

He said when he tries to wake him, his son tells him, “Leave me alone. I want to sleep.”

“That scares me,” Miguel Figueroa said.

Now charged with assault causing bodily injury, Montgomery apologized in an interview Thursday.

“I just want him to know that I’m sorry and it was all in the heat of the moment,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery briefly left campus and then was arrested when he returned.

“For him to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ I don’t buy it. I do not buy it,” Miguel Figueroa said.

He said he believes Montgomery wanted “two minutes of fame” by having other students record the confrontation, allegedly over a girl.

“He was ready to show what he was going to do,” Miguel Figueroa said.

He said his son told Montgomery, “I do not want to fight,” moments before he was punched.

“I teach my son not to hurt no one, just so no one can hurt him,” Miguel Figueroa said.

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He said it’s still unknown what long-term effects his son may face from his head injury. He said his son had plans to become an architect or an accountant.

He said they want restitution to help with expenses beyond what is covered by insurance.

But he also wants others to learn from their experience.

“Stop being ignorant,” Miguel Figueroa said. “They forget the consequences they have to pay afterwards, jail, restitution and what it will do to their parents.”