Passenger stopped over gun-shaped stilettos

Replica firearms not allowed in airports

(Courtesy TSA)

BALTIMORE, Md. – Airport security officials at Baltimore-Washington International Airport stopped a woman who had gun-shaped platform heels and bracelets with replica bullets.

Transportation Safety Administration Public Affairs spokesperson Lisa Farbstein tweeted photos of the shoes and bracelets on Monday, reminding passengers of the rules.

"Shoes and bracelets that are less than ideal to wear or bring to a @TSA checkpoint. These delayed a traveler at BWI," Farbstein tweeted.

The woman had the items in a carry-on bag, the spokeswoman told TIME.

LINK: TSA rules on transporting firearms and ammunition

The passenger was told she could put them in a checked bag, but she ended up ditching them so she wouldn't miss her flight, TIME reported.

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