Adorable puppy in Michigan breaks internet

6 month old golden retriever gets braces


SPRING LAKE, Michigan – An adorable golden retriever pup in Michigan is breaking the Internet Tuesday!

Wesley is only 6 months old and has orthodontia. With a desire for a perfect smile when he grows up, he went to get his teeth fixed.

Dr. Molly Moore, who performed the procedure and who also happens to be Wesley's owner, is a “doggy dentist” in Spring Lake, Michigan.

On Friday, she posted these adorable pictures to the Harborfront Hospital for Animals Facebook page. Fast-forward a few days later, and Wesley is an Internet sensation.

The hospital says orthodontia in pets is normally not for aesthetic purposes, but for health reasons instead, and since Wesley could not completely close his mouth he needed a tooth alignment.

Moore said the correction Wesley needed will only take a few weeks. As for today, you’ll find Wesley eating, playing and enjoying his new found fame.