Orange Neon sought after two vehicles hit motorcyclist, flee

Motorcyclist remains in ICU with multiple injuries

CASTLE HILL, Texas – Police are searching for an orange Neon that allegedly struck and injured a motorcyclist with five children. The victim, Jose Beltran, 34, remains in intensive care ever after being struck by two hit-and-run drivers on Loop 410 late Thursday night.

Castle Hills Police Chief Wayne Davis said an unknown vehicle first struck Beltran on his motorcycle from behind. He said moments later, witnesses reported seeing the Neon slam into Beltran as he was trying to get up.

“Other than that vehicle of interest, we have very little to go on,” Davis said.

Daniella Beltran, the victim’s wife said, her husband saw the Neon coming at him, seconds before the impact.

“He flew 30 feet in the air,” Beltran said.

She said knowing that both drivers fled the scene, “it’s unbelievable. There are no words. I have no words.”

Daniella Beltran said her husband is heavily sedated because of the pain. She said he was wearing his motorcycle helmet but his injuries were extensive.


“His right leg is broken in nine places, his pelvic bone, his tail bone, his right shoulder and shoulder blades, and six broken ribs,” Danielle Beltran said.

She said witnesses told her it appeared the male driver of the orange Neon slowed down, but then took off. She said neither she nor his family liked him riding the motorcycle he obviously loved.

“He parked it in the living room every night so no one would steal it. That’s his baby,” Daniella Beltran said.
She said her husband was a welder whose contract had ended, so he has no insurance, and she only has health coverage for their children.

Beltran said friends and family are resorting to fundraisers to offset the medical bills.

She said the first will be from noon to 4 p.m. March 13 at the Ice Lounge night club at 5545 Loop 410 near Evers Road.

Beltran also is pleading for any information about that night.

“If you saw something or if you saw a license plate number, come forward. Please let us know,” Daniella Beltran said.


The Castle Hills police chief said he especially urges body shops to call 210-342-2341 if they’ve repaired an orange Neon since last Thursday.