Taco trash talk divides Austin, San Antonio leaders

SAN ANTONIO – Tuesday may be Super Tuesday in the race for the White House, but Monday it's a political taco takedown that has elected officials chomping at the bit to join.

It started with a New York Times article naming Austin the creator of the best breakfast taco in the country.

It's now a political hot potato, with bacon and egg of course, shredding relations along I-35.

Who invented the taco? Who makes the best taco? Austin or San Antonio?

Simple questions, simple answers, right?

But efforts to correct a New York Times article that went viral when the mayor of Austin took to social media claiming victory with a tweet.

Thus, the cheese and beans began to fly in the face of reason between friendly neighbors San Antonio and Austin.  Even Mayor Ivy Taylor is ready for the taco war. 

"Well, when I go to Austin, I don't even look for tacos, so..." Taylor said.

She's originally from New York, so she said she knows a thing or two about the New York Times article that started it all.


"I'll bring him a few tasty tacos from here in San Antonio and I'm sure he'll concede," Taylor said.

"I worked there about 20 years ago, asked for a breakfast taco there and they didn't even know what it was," said Jeff Kotara, a San Antonio taco lover.

It's hard to find someone who won't agree, so in the city whose battle cry -- "victory or death" -- might be summed up here instead as: Would you like hot salsa with that?

On Saturday, Austin Mayor Steve Adler said, "We did not seek the Great Breakfast Taco War of 2016, but we shall not run from it either."

In the meantime, Taylor told KSAT 12 News she had hopes Adler would meet somewhere in the middle and let the tacos speak for themselves.

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