Family in shock after man killed by wrong-way driver

SAN ANTONIO – The family of Johnny Hernandez is still in shock and disbelief.

"Very devastated. The whole family’s lives are turned upside down," said Rosa Rangel, Hernandez's aunt.

Hernandez was killed Sunday night by a wrong-way driver on the I-35 access road at the intersection with Walzem Road.

He was with his fiancée and their two children.

"They had just gone to eat on Sunday at the Palapas. There was a car before them. He got out, and when they came out, she just saw the bright lights coming at them and she said, ‘Watch it,’" Rangel said.

Hernandez's vehicle was hit by a man identified as Steven Long, who also died at the scene. Police still haven't determined why he was driving the wrong way.

Hernandez's family was rushed to the hospital.

"They have a baby that's 7 months old and her little girl, she’s 11. The little girl’s pretty bad. The little girl is bleeding from her brain and they've done surgery two or three times already and she’s in a coma," Rangel said.


Rangel says the she is praying that rest of the family recovers while keeping Hernandez in her thoughts.

"Johnny was the sweetest person in the world. Since he was a little baby he was always a smiling baby. My name for him every day was Johnny Angel," Rangel said.

Hernandez may be physically gone but Rangel said she knows they'll meet again.

"It's not goodbye. It’s just so long," Rangel said.