Last minute push for candidates in race for District 121

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus facing Jeff Judson, Sheila Bean in primary

SAN ANTONIO – The race for Texas House District 121 is one of the most hotly contested races of the 2016 Texas Primary season.

Incumbent Joe Straus is fighting off two challengers who said he's not conservative enough for the district or to continue as speaker.

"I'm feeling good, there's a very large turnout here today which I think is good for our party," Straus said as he greeted voters Tuesday afternoon.

Straus camped out at the Brook Hollow Public Library where long lines of voters were steady throughout the day.

Straus has been in office since 2005. Just four years later he was unanimously voted in as the Speaker of the House.

In this election cycle he's faced a tough challenge from Jeff Judson, forcing Straus to dip into his large campaign war chest to fight the battle on the air waves.

Straus pointing the finger at Judson for going negative, but there was plenty of mud being slung from both sides.

"I think some voters will believe the negative advertising but I'm confident most of them will not," Straus said. "They'll see through the fog and the smoke and they'll see there's a record of achievement and accomplishment and leadership that I'm proud of."

Meanwhile over at Wetmore Elementary school Jeff Judson was encouraged by the large voter turnout. He believes the voters of HD 121 are hungry for change.

 "People are getting out and voting for change they're not voting for the status quo," Judson said.

Judson spent his afternoon trying to convince voters to choose him and the change he's fighting for, making the case that Straus isn't conservative enough.

"There's a disconnect between he and the governor and lieutenant governor and the Senate," Judson said. "I don't think our district does well either because of it, I think we would fare better in the Legislature with someone who worked better within the Republican Party."

The third candidate in the race is local teacher, business owner and pro-life supporter Shiela Bean.  

She camped out next to Joe Straus at the Brook Hollow Library making her last minute pitch to voters face to face.

Without millions of dollars at her disposal, Bean said she ran a grass roots campaign that got her in front of the voters but she acknowledged it was an uphill battle.

"We're really pleased with the turnout but we need more people to vote," Bean said. "Combating against the $4 million dollars he's brought out is just a matter of spending the time and effort talking to people one on one and I've had hundreds of people come by and say wow you came by my house you were the person at my front door and that made the difference."

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