LIVE: Super Tuesday showdown, social media reaction, updates

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Cruz on supporting the GOP nominee if it's not him:

Super Tuesday is coming to an end but you still have time to vote in our Instant Web Polls:

Rubio chimes in on Super Tuesday results:

Here are the latest Democratic results:

Democrats confident on both sides after Texas primary:

Rubio wins Minnesota:

Christie is trending:

Sanders wins Colorado:

Democratic side of Super Tuesday:

Republican side of Super Tuesday:

People still waiting to vote in Bexar County:

Heated debate on CNN:

Ben Carson places blame:

Trump wins Arkansas:

Ted Cruz addresses supporters:

Super Tuesday GOP voters want an outsider:

Clinton supporters cover screens during Trump's speech:

Trump wins Alabama:

Trump calls Rubio a lightweight:

Carson addresses Americans who want him to stay in the race:

Long lines continue for Bexar County:

Gov. Chris Christie calls Trump a leader:

Trump wins Tennessee:

Trump's voting groups:

Sanders wins Oklahoma:

Cruz wins Oklahoma:

Sanders pledges to stay in the race:

Clinton and Cruz win Texas:

Steve Spriester is live in the newsroom:

Clinton wins Georgia:

Clinton wins Alabama:

Trump wins Virginia:

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