SA Clinton supporters enjoy Texas win; Sanders camp still confident

SAN ANTONIO – Hillary Clinton supporters in San Antonio celebrated a Texas victory Tuesday night.

Supporters and volunteers spent the evening with music and dancing at the Clinton watch party on West Commerce.

Local supporter Cynthia Garcia said she was thrilled with the numbers Tuesday night.

"We're going to have Hillary as our first female president. That is like the best thing," Garcia said. "Not only that, it's great for America. We really need that."

Supporters and volunteers were also happy to see Joaquin Castro back in town.

"Her message has really connected with the voters of San Antonio," Castro said. "The race is not over yet, but she's on a strong path towards a nomination."

Bernie Sanders supporters also had a lot of energy. Even after the numbers came in for Texas, they still chanted his name at a local watch party.

"It's still a victory," said Kendall Crawford, a Sanders supporter. "We have a long way to go, so Texas is just one state. It just shows that we got a lot more momentum than people think."

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