Volunteers make last-minute push for Sanders, Clinton campaigns

Bexar County Democratic headquarters a hub of activity on Super Tuesday

SAN ANTONIO – There were a lot of volunteers making a last push at the Bexar County Democratic headquarters on Tuesday afternoon.

There was a room upstairs dedicated to Bernie Sanders, where volunteers contacted eligible voters on the phone and at their homes.

"We're notifying voters about where they can vote," said Alexa Meletich, a volunteer for the Sanders campaign. "Sometimes, they are for Bernie, and they don't know where to go. So it's important to tell them where to go so our votes get out."

On the city's West Side is where Hillary Clinton supporters were making the most of Super Tuesday.

Volunteers made phone calls and walked in the area around Buena Vista and West Commerce.

"Today's been busy," said Mary Ann Ramos, a volunteer for the Clinton campaign. "We've had a lot of volunteers, because we're getting out the vote. We're getting the people who have not voted yet to get out and vote. We have until 7 p.m. If they're in line, they can still vote."


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