Newly released body cam footage shows aftermath of Cameron Redus' shooting

Bexar DA releases video from responding officer's body cam

SAN ANTONIO – The Bexar County District Attorney's Office has released new video from the shooting of University of the Incarnate Word student Cameron Redus.

Redus was shot and killed in December 2013 by campus police Cpl. Chris Carter during a traffic stop.

The video released Wednesday is from a body camera worn by an officer who responded to the scene after Redus had been shot.

The video captures the moments after Carter shot Redus during a scuffle.

In the video, officers discuss the story Carter told responding officers, saying that he saw Redus' truck speed by him, so he tried to pull him over.

Carter told the officers that Redus attempted to run into the apartment before they began scuffling.

As other responding officers and EMS crews arrive, Redus is pronounced dead.

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When officers attempt to get Carter's version of the story for a report, Carter declined to be interviewed.

"I guess start from the beginning," a responding officer is heard telling Carter.

"I just got off the phone with my attorney, he said wait (until) he gets here in about 30-40 minutes," Carter said in response.

A grand jury heard evidence from the case and cleared Carter of any criminal charges. He later resigned.

The Redus family is pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against the university.