Ballot have you stumped? Hear why supporters back top presidential candidates

Passionate San Antonio supporters explain their thoughts on the candidates

SAN ANTONIO – The presidential contest has come to Texas and the candidates want your vote.

Super Tuesday will mean a lot for the top five candidates -- three on the Republican side, including Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald trump; and two on the Democratic side, including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Since the primary date involves numerous states that could provide a major boost to any of the candidates in their ultimate goal for the White House, it’s an important benchmark in this race.

It’s especially significant given the unconventional tone the race has had. Donald Trump continues to dominate the polls, while Cruz and Rubio attempt to trump the billionaire.

KSAT found five supporters to provide their opinions about the candidate they support in hopes it will put into perspective the campaigns for other voters. Listen to all five videos to help you make up your mind if you’re stumped. The democratic process starts with you. 

Bernie Sanders supporter Samantha Minten:

Hillary Clinton supporter David Ramirez:

Ted Cruz supporter Shelia Pradia:

Donald Trump supporter Armando Simon:

Marco Rubio supporter Telly Simon: