Pimp to jury: You were right to convict me

Patrick Perez sentenced to four years in jail

SAN ANTONIO – The final witness in his own trial on Monday, Patrick Perez admitted he was a pimp and the jury was right when they convicted him last week.

Perez worked as a pimp in February 2014 when he was arrested. He was found guilty of aggravated promotion of prostitution.

But the jury heard jail house calls Perez made while in jail.

"I love you. I'm gonna call you later, OK? Start working, start working! I love you," Perez was heard telling a woman. "All I gotta do is call Brittany's phone and tell her to get the bread together for me and you know she'll do it."

Perez’ explanation was that he was on drugs and they destroyed his life. His wife testified the same.

Before resting the prosecution told the jury of Perez’s criminal background, including assault and drug arrests.

The jury sentenced Perez to four years in jail.

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