SA, Austin mayors share breakfast tacos

Taco Summit helps pave way for partnership opportunities between cities

AUSTIN, Texas – A taco summit Thursday in Austin gave the mayors of San Antonio and Austin an opportunity to taste and compare their favorite breakfast tacos.

Both cities pride themselves on having the tastiest breakfast tacos around and are passionate in their feud over food.

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor stopped by her favorite taco joint, Mittman's Fine Foods, just after 6:30 a.m. to pick up 50 breakfast tacos for the summit.

"Twenty tacos-chorizo and egg on flour and 20 tacos- bacon and egg on corn because she likes the homemade corn tortillas. We make both flour and corn," said owner Mary Benavides. "She wants 10 carne guisada, too, because they don't know too much of the carne guisada in Austin, so I said, 'let's do it just a little taste. If they like it, they'll want more.'"

The family-owned restaurant opened up early and prepared 50 tacos specifically for the occasion. Benavides told KSAT 12 News each one of her tacos is made with love. She feels honored that the mayor wanted to bring her tacos up to Austin for the summit.
At the summit, the table talk was more than just tacos. The mayors took the opportunity to discuss a partnership.

"I'm just excited about the relationship that Mayor (Steve) Adler and I are developing to mutually benefit our communities, and we will be talking about some weighty issues. Education to start, traffic and maybe a few others in the future," Taylor said.

Adler agreed the two cities need to help one another.

"Trust (that) you will continue to be a formidable friend as we continue to work on our common interests, and I look forward to having you as an ally," Adler said as he passed a breakfast taco to Taylor.

The two cities look forward to working with one another to promote growth and economic development for the region while enjoying a few delicious tacos.