State to investigate North Side massage business

Two women arrested on prostitution charges at Jas Spa

SAN ANTONIO – A spokesperson for the Texas Department of State Health Services said Monday that the agency was unaware of two prostitution arrests at a state-licensed massage business on the city’s North Side.

The Jas Spa is licensed as a massage therapy facility through DSHS.

Since January, two women have been arrested at Jas Spa on charges of prostitution after allegedly offering to perform sex acts for undercover officers in exchange for money.

Some neighbors in the area of Blanco Road and Cadillac Drive, where the spa is located, are upset over the arrests and say they would like to see the spa closed.

The Bexar County District Attorney's office could not comment specifically about Jas Spa on Monday.

But Woody Halstead, first assistant criminal district attorney, said any time a business is suspected of illegal activity investigators have to build a case that proves the alleged crime is committed repeatedly.

“Really when we're looking to shut down a business, we're trying to determine whether or not the owner of the location is aware of that or whether the individual is operating independently,” Halstead said.

According to licensing information on the DSHS website, a licensed massage therapist at the Jas Spa is also licensed to work at Chi Massage in San Marcos.

Linan Wang, the operator of Chi Massage, was arrested last week for alleged prostitution.

A Texas DSHS spokesperson said the agency would open an investigation into Jas Spa after receiving word from The Defenders regarding the arrests.

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