San Antonio Belgian bistro to send aid after Brussels attacks

Belgian consul: 650 in SA Belgian-American club

SAN ANTONIO – The owner of a Belgian bistro in San Antonio's Southtown said the restaurant is planning to send aid to Belgium after Tuesday's terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Miles Donnelly's Belgian-American family has been running La Frite Belgian Bistro in Southtown for seven years. He couldn't help but feel for the people of Brussels when he learned of the attacks claimed by ISIS.

"My heart just sinks to the ground. I'm really just sad about the whole situation," Donnelly said.

Although he has third-generation Belgian ancestry, he doesn't personally know any of the bombing victims.

However, that isn't stopping him and his crew from doing what they can to help victims and their families in the coming days.

"All the proceeds from our happy hour are going to be sent directly to the causes for the victims," Donnelly said. "So they can get the money to support them."

With a large Belgian presence in San Antonio, many feel for those affected by the tragic attacks. But Donnelly, like many others, said he refuses to let the terrorists win, which means business as usual at his restaurant.

Reaction from South Texas Belgian consul

South Texas's Belgian consul, Bob Braubach, says there are more than 650 members in San Antonio's Belgian-American club. Braubach is a University of Brussels graduate and used to work at a law firm in Belgium.

"I think these events have been well planned by the terrorists for many, many months," Braubach said. "They were probably the result of the capture of one of the terrorists last week."

The Belgian consul continues to pay close attention to the developments of the terrorist bombings. Braubach was alerted via email of the security precautions put in place by the Belgian government shortly after the attacks. He doesn't want travelers to be fearful.

"I don't think they should feel unsafe, but they should be attentive when they travel," Braubach said.

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As someone familiar with the subway station and airport in Brussels, Braubach believes ISIS made a strong statement choosing the locations for its attacks. He's currently planning a special service that will take place in downtown San Antonio to recognize the victims and express condolences.

Braubach was recently in Brussels and plans to visit again soon.