Pricey laser removal an option for vandalized Enchanted Rock

Taggers spray-paint 'CA$H TRUCK' on granite surface

FREDERICKSBURG, Texas – Officials with the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area are still searching for the people responsible for tagging the rock with graffiti over the weekend.

The phrase "CA$H TRUCK" was spray-painted on a portion of the rock on Sunday afternoon. A pair of hikers snapped a pictures of two people suspected of being responsible for the crime.

Enchanted Rock Park Superintendent Doug Cochran said investigators have persons of interest in the case but still need the public's help.

"They may be from the San Marcos area. Several of our park staff seem to remember seeing those individuals come through," Cochran said.

He said the graffiti will be difficult and expensive to remove because of what grows on the face of the granite.

"On the face of this granite (are) some very delicate lichens. They grow very, very slowly. In order for the lichens to grow takes about 100 years," Cochran said.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is exploring the option of using laser technology to remove the graffiti. Cochran said that could cost up to $10,000.

Despite the vandalism, Cochran said he hopes others will treat Enchanted Rock and all parks as something special.

"We want people to understand that these areas are very delicate. And we want them to take care of these precious resources that we have here," he said.

Enchanted Rock is the sixth-busiest park in the state with about 300,000 visitors each year.

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