Video catches shoplifter stealing from Bandera boutique

Owner says woman stole $3,000 worth of merchandise

BANDERA, Texas – A shop owner in Bandera is asking for the public's help after a shoplifter stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from her.

High definition video inside the Thelma & Louize boutique in Bandera exposes a thief in the act.

"I'd give you the shirt off my back, but don't steal from me," said boutique owner Lia Cloudt, who was shocked when she saw the surveillance video.

She said the money she makes affects the whole town.

"Heartbreaking," she said. "Living in a small town and having a business in a small town, the local businesses give to all the local churches, the band, the football team, the baseball team. We do it all."

She said the thief struck in the middle of the day Saturday.

"She first walked over to the table and picked up the earrings and put them in her hand. She walked that direction and she slipped them into her bag. Then she grabbed immediately a $125 necklace and slipped it into her bag. She took up to 14 necklaces and earrings," Cloudt said.

Cloudt said the thief went through the store, flipping over price tags, looking for the most expensive items. She was picky, and got away with some of the shop's most expensive items, totaling almost $3,000 worth of merchandise.

The last part of the surveillance video shows a verbal exchange between the shoplifter and Cloudt's suspicious employee.

"My employee said, 'Is that our ring that you have on your finger?' And she said, 'Oh, yeah, I was just trying it on.' I guess she got nervous and she jetted out the door," Cloudt said.

Friends and family have pitched in for a $1,500 reward for whoever helps law enforcement find the woman and the man employees say was waiting for her outside.

"If you know this person, call it in and report it. I'm a small business owner. I have my own bills," Cloudt said.

She's reported dozens of tips to the Bandera Marshal's Office, which is even taking to Facebook to catch the thief. Anyone who recognizes the woman is asked to call 830-460-7172.

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