Open carry not allowed at all Fiesta events

Chief William McManus addresses City Council on department's plan


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Police Chief William McManus addressed the City Council on Wednesday about how the new open-carry law will be a factor during this year's Fiesta celebration.

The law went into effect Jan. 1, but that doesn't mean Fiesta participants will be allowed to carry guns at all Fiesta-related events.

Fiesta venues and events like La Villita, NIOSA, the carnival, Oyster Bake and the Sunken Garden will all have signs displayed prohibiting individuals from openly carrying firearms.

Police said these venues can do so because each event has a controlled public entry and exit point or they are on private property.

Anyone carrying a gun will be asked to leave. Anyone with a gun refusing to leave will be forced off the property and cited for criminal trespass.

However, open carry will be permitted at all parades, because all parade routes are on public property and do not have clear entry or exit points.

During the presentation, McManus said police officers assigned to parades this year have been advised to notify the lieutenant in charge of any individual observed openly carrying a firearm so that they can monitor those people.

There will be 3,703 officers assigned to Fiesta throughout its 11-day schedule.

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