Would-be carjackers fire shots at man, flee empty-handed

66-year-old victim left shaken up by incident

SAN ANTONIO – A group of would-be carjackers fired shots in a far West side neighborhood leaving their intended victim, a 66-year-old man, shaken up but left empty-handed, authorities said.

San Antonio police said the victim’s wife called them shortly before 6 a.m. Wednesday and directed them to a parking lot just off the Highway 90 West access road near West Military. They found Patricio Tarin, sitting inside his pickup truck with his passenger side window shattered.

Police said Tarin told them that he had been driving in the 7400 block of Westrock when a red sedan cut him off. He said several people got out of the car, including at least one who had a gun and fired it several times.

The dashboard in Tarin’s pickup appeared to have been hit by some of the gunfire. He said the men used the butt of the weapon to break his window.

Tarin said the men demanded his truck, but he drove off instead.

Officers used flares to mark off an area of Westrock where they later found shattered glass and six large shell casings.

Although the incident left Tarin visibly upset, he was not hurt by the gunfire. The would-be carjackers got away.

The only information that police released about them is that they were in a red sedan-type car.

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