After fight at Stevens HS, students and parents facing consequences

Northside ISD tells KSAT what they did to try to prevent fight

SAN ANTONIO – A fight at Stevens High School has prompted an investigation. A mother told KSAT her daughter has been the target of bullying for months, and the attack on her was planned through social media.

On Thursday, KSAT found out there are repercussions being doled out to both students and parents.

Dolores Levine said her daughter Domiana, a Stevens High School freshman, has been harassed by the same girls for months and said the school knew about it.

"They told me, 'This has been an ongoing thing, Ms. Levine.' Why didn't somebody call me?" Levine said.

On Thursday, Northside ISD representative Pascual Gonzalez confirmed the school knew about the ongoing dispute. He also acknowledged Levine came in to talk with school leaders about it, and that's what led them to take action.

"They had already counseled all the girls involved for two weeks prior to this. They had been given written warnings, they had been given behavioral contracts. The behavioral contracts are a contract between the student and the school that says 'I will behave myself. I will not act like this,'" Gonzalez said. "In fact, the school changed their schedules so they couldn't cross in the hallway. They were told (to) stay away from each other."

However, that didn't happen. On Tuesday afternoon, the girls got in a fight. Video of the fight, taken of the fight by witnesses, went viral on social media, spurring more online threats. Levine said the threats aimed at Domiana said things like, "There's more to come."

Gonzalez said everyone involved is being held accountable.

"Four girls were suspended through Friday. Four girls got citations, meaning they have to go to court and settle this ticket. They're going to a hearing for possible placement at alternative school," he said.

Domiana is one of the students and will tell her side to a hearing officer who decides which students are punished.

Gonzalez said the students aren't the only ones in trouble.

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"The parents of these children were reported to (Child Protective Services) because of the interactions that are going on and the unhealthy situation that all of these girls are in," Gonzalez said.

He confirmed Levine is not one of the parents being reported to Child Protective Services.

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