John Marshall HS student claims he found maggot in cinnamon roll

Northside ISD investigates claim

SAN ANTONIO – A student at John Marshall High School said he found a maggot in his cinnamon roll during lunch on Thursday.

Donovan Vela claims he immediately became sick after taking a bite of his cinnamon roll and noticing an extra ingredient.

"As I was eating my second cinnamon roll, I saw this green thing or whitish green thing pop out, and I was like, 'What is that?'" Vela said.

Vela said it was a maggot. He snapped a picture and then began vomiting.

"I started feeling all dizzy and stuff, so I went to the restroom and I threw up twice," Vela said.

Vela called his mother, Christina Vela, who rushed him to the hospital. Doctors prescribed him medicine to help settle his stomach.

The doctor told his mother that it wouldn't hurt her son if he had eaten any maggots.

The Northside Independent School District said it isn't sure how the maggot got into the boy's food.

"We are certainly not going to doubt the doctor, who has a sick child, and the child claims he got sick because of eating this. If that's what he says and that's what the doctor diagnoses, then we have to pay attention to it," district spokesman Pascual Gonzalez said.

Christina Vela said her son would not have planted the maggot in his food and he did not fake being sick. She also hopes NISD takes responsibility and makes sure this never happens again.

"Somebody needs to be in charge of making sure there is a proper procedure, that they're following it and not playing around. To them, it's just their job, but it's my son's health," Christina Vela said.

The school initially thought the claim was a hoax, but is now investigating further.