Score above 90 could earn city manager $100K bonus

Mayor releases 'list of metrics' for Sheryl Sculley

SAN ANTONIO – If she gets the job done, City Manager Sheryl Sculley could earn a $100,000 bonus in 2017. 

That's according to a list of metrics agreed to by Sculley and Mayor Ivy Taylor and reviewed by City Council members. 

The metrics are divided into three categories: planning and community development special projects, reform efforts, and major management initiatives and responsibilities. 

Some of the top priorities on the list include agreeing to a new contract with the police and fire unions and creating a bond package to present to voters in 2017.

The list of metrics includes a 100-point scoring system with each metric ranging from 5 to 15 points.

Click here to see a full list of the metrics.

In December, Sculley will score herself in a self-evaluation submitted to the City Council. Taylor and council members will then evaluate Sculley and compare the scores. 

If she earns below 50 points, Sculley would not receive a bonus. If she scores a 90 or above, she would earn a $100,000 bonus. 

Creating a metrics list is something new for the city, Sculley said. 

"In city business there will always be a huge list of projects to accomplish, so I don't think it's really different in terms of the work, but it is more specific," Sculley said. "And I know the mayor was interested in the community being educated on the complexity of the work that we do at the city."

"I think that its a more transparent and fair way to reward great performance," Taylor said. "And it's a way that we can justify to our constituents why we pay her what we do."

Taylor adds that annual bonuses based on performance are common in the private sector. 

In February, the city agreed to a new contract extension with Sculley that increases her salary by $25,000 annually for three years.

She will earn $475,000 by 2018. 

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