East Side holds community rally to promote anti-violence

'Call For Action' unites several churches, residents

SAN ANTONIO – Residents on the city's East side on Saturday night attended an anti-crime event to spread hope, unity and change.

The "Call For Action" event was held as recent violence has resulted in numerous shootings throughout the community.

"This time we are just bringing a bomb saying, 'Boom we're here. This is a 911 situation,'" Rev. Royce Sullivan, Pastor for The Escape, said. "(There's been) 8 deaths since the beginning of the year."

Several churches were on hand to offer prayers. There was also free food, clothing and a message for those involved in the violence.

"You see the glitz and glam. The cars, the women, the money. You see all that part of it," East Side resident Jermaine Bowens said. "But when you are actually in that life, there's a whole another side of it that you don't see coming. That's the jail, that's the murders, that's the watching your back and all of those things."

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus addressed the crowd.

"We will take as much enforcement action as we need to to make it stop," he said. "As much as we need too for as long as we need to."

Residents said they plan to take their neighborhood back. McManus said will be by their side until the violence ends.

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