Texans players give help, hugs to flood victims in north Houston

Brock Osweiler, J.J. Watt, joined teammates in giving back


SPRING, Texas – It looked like a game day arrival Wednesday at an American Red Cross shelter where Texans players came to offer their support to flood victims living in the Greenspoint area.

"We really thought we weren't going to have nothing but a lot of people are coming together and doing a lot of things for us. We really appreciate it," flood victim Tenisha Coachman.

The team set up shop at the M.O. Campbell Education Center. The players and faculty handed out much need comforts including pillows, gift cards and hugs. Around 300 people were helped.

Brock Osweiler — the Texan's newest player and quarterback — joined his teammates in giving back. 

"These people are going through things that are even hard to imagine," Osweiler said. "It's so great to be here and to hopefully put a smile on people's face. And just help them out anyway we possibly can."

Of course, Texans' defensive end J.J. Watt was out helping fans along with Papa John's pizza, who brought food for residents.

"We just want (Houston) to stay strong," Watt said. "We're behind (them), and it's all love."

People also received bottled water and diapers from former Texan Andre Johnson, who woke up Wednesday morning compelled to come out and help residents.

For some players the experience of being able to give back was overwhelming.

"It takes everything in me not to be emotional with everything (Houston) is going through right now," offensive tackle Duane Brown said. "I'm just happy to be able to do something — that the Texans are able to do something and give back."