Officer praised for restraint in would-be burglary on Melrose Place

San Antonio police said suspect pointed gun at Olmos officer

SAN ANTONIO – An Olmos Police Department officer is being praised for his restraint after a foiled would-be burglary Thursday.

Three people were arrested after San Antonio and Olmos Park Police responded to call of a burglary in progress at an apartment complex in the 100 block of Melrose Place.

An SAPD sergeant on the scene said one of the burglars pointed a gun in the "general direction" of an Olmos police officer. The sergeant said the Olmos police officer showed “enormous restraint” by not firing, though he had "every right, given the circumstances.” The officer apparently saw the suspect was "coming back down and getting ready to give up," he said.

Police said the burglars forced their way into a ground-floor apartment. When police arrived, the two people inside tried to shoot out a glass door in the back to escape. When that failed, they came out the front, where one of them allegedly pointed a stolen gun at an officer.

Both suspects were arrested, as well as a third waiting in a getaway car around the corner.

Police said nobody was home during the burglary. They would not say if it was a random crime or if the apartment was targeted.

The names and charges of the suspects have not been released, though the same SAPD sergeant said they could face charges for burglary of a habitation, and deadly conduct for pointing the gun at the officer and for firing into a public area when they tried to shoot out the back door.

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