Firefighters Association, city of San Antonio appear in court Thursday

Union seeks court order for depositions


SAN ANTONIO – Representative of the San Antonio Firefighters Association and the city met in court Thursday as the union seeks a court order to get depositions from the city manager.

Judge Antonia Arteaga heard arguments from both sides and said she would rule after taking time to review the matter further.

She asked both sides to explore the possibility of mediation, noting that the contract matter is being reviewed by the Fourth Court of Appeals.

Arteaga said that to do anything now would perhaps not be in the best interest of "judicial economy."

The union said time is critical. It wants to take depositions while memories are fresh and the mayor and the city manager are still available.

The city of San Antonio sent the following statement for this story:

"We are more than willing to be deposed and talk about the facts surrounding the unsustainable and unaffordable fire union contract. But people should understand that the fire union's action is a publicity stunt; the case is in the appeals court, which will ultimately decide whether or not it is constitutional to have a union contract continue for 10 years after it expires. The union knows this well and that their chances of winning in the courts diminishes the higher we go. We are prepared to go to the Texas Supreme Court to change this excessive union contract."

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