Surveillance cameras catch tire thieves in act

Thieves take off with tires in about 10 minutes

WINDCREST, Texas – Gregory Turner thought his neighbor was joking when she called Friday morning to tell him is SUV was sitting on blocks. But she wasn’t.

“(Thieves) jacked my car up, took the wheels off of it and left the vehicle on bricks,” said Turner Friday afternoon at his home in the 1300 block of James Cook in Windcrest. “Fortunately my neighbor, his security camera runs down the block and covers my house.”

The surveillance video shows the thieves pull up to his SUV while one of the suspects gets out.

“This is the initial take right here to check it out, to see what kind of tools they are going to need,” said Turner as he showed KSAT 12 the video.

A few minutes later the thieves return and spend about 10 minutes removing all four tires and rims.

“We had a pretty good security plan in place but obviously we'll have to relook it,” he said. “We got a clear shot of the license plate front and back and the type of vehicle.”

Turner was able to get replacement rims just a few hours later but has a message for those thieves and any others thinking of profiting in his neighborhood.

“You may have gotten away a couple times already but it probably won't be a good look to try this again.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Windcrest Police Department at (210) 655-2666.