Toddlers found tied up, ‘want to eat all the time,' will remain in CPS custody

Judge denies mother's request to see children in jail

SAN ANTONIO – The first of several hearings were held Wednesday regarding two children found tied up in the backyard of a northeast Bexar County home.

A judge denied the request of Cheryl Reed, the mother of the toddlers, who asked for supervised visits with her children while she is in jail.

On April 29, Bexar County Sheriff’s investigators said they found the 3 and 4-year-old tied up after a neighbor reported hearing crying in the backyard on the 8100 block of Chipping Street.

In addition to broken bones, there were “Hundreds and hundreds of scars on these little guys. And in their 3 and 4 years of life they've had, it has been this,” said Yolanda Valenzuela, vice president of CASA, or Court Appointed Special Advocates of San Antonio.

Valenzuela says the kids were also malnourished.

“And so what happens to kids like this, they become hoarders of food,” she said. “They want to eat all the time. Just endless. Because they’re trying to make up for not being fed at all.”

Investigators tracked down Reed in California.

That's where the father of the children remains.

“He didn’t have any clue as to what was going on. And so this was all news to him just like it was to everybody else,” said attorney Shey Davis, representing the father.

Davis says his client was devastated by what happened and wants to see his children.

He adds his client does not know the two other people arrested in this case, Porucha Phillips and Deandre Dorch.

Investigators say Phillips is the mother of six other children who were found alone inside the home.

Dorch is the father of some of them.

Reed allegedly left her two children in the care of Dorch and Phillips.

“It’s horrendous what these kids have gone through. Absolutely unimaginable,” said Valenzuela.

David L. Willis, Reed’s attorney, requested the court appoint a special investigator to the case.

For now, all eight children remain in the custody of CPS.

Another hearing is set for June.

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