Witness describes aftermath of street racing wreck that killed 2 high schoolers

Antonio Flores charged with manslaughter in deaths of 2 Brandeis students


SAN ANTONIO – A witness to a fatal 2013 street racing crash took the witness stand Thursday morning, recalling the events that followed the deaths of two Brandeis High School students.

It was something Ilene Hoyos said she will never forget.

“It was traumatic then and it still continues to be very traumatic,” Hoyos said, testifying in the trial of Antonio Flores. 

Flores, along with fellow Brandeis High School students Georgina Rodriguez and Gabriella Lerma were driving to lunch in Flores’ car.

Witnesses said Flores started racing with another car. They estimated he was going 70 mph when he crashed into a truck at the intersection of Hausman Road and the Loop 1604 access road.

Hoyos, a nurse, was one of the first people on the scene.

“He was definitely speeding because that is not the legal miles per hour on that access road.” Hoyos testified. “He was just going very fast.”

“I ran over to the vehicle and I’m asking, ‘Is everybody OK?’” she testified. “Just visually you could tell that they’re not.”

Both Rodrguez and Lerma were fatally injured.  Flores walked away with only minor cuts and bruises. A third teen was also injured but survived.

Flores is on trial, facing two counts of manslaughter and a maximum of 20 years in prison if he is convicted. 

Testimony is expected to continue Friday in Judge Sid Harle’s 226th District Court.

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