15-year-old boy robbed of sneakers he was selling online

SAPD arrest 3 suspects in shooting

SAN ANTONIO – A 15-year-old West Side boy became the victim of an early morning robbery Tuesday after he met up with three men who pretended to be interested in sneakers he was selling online, San Antonio police said.

Officers quickly caught up with the three suspects at a home on the city’s South Side, in the 300 block of Gladstone Street. Police said they also seized high-powered weapons, an SKS rifle and “Mac 10-style” weapon, from the home.

Police were called to the teen’s home in the 3100 block of Morales Street shortly after 2 a.m. They said they found out that the boy had placed an ad on Craigslist, offering to sell sneakers.

"The suspect showed up, pointed a gun at the victim, told him to leave the shoes on the vehicle," San Antonio police Sgt. Edwin Rivera said. “The victim left them and went back into the house.”

Rivera said the suspects quickly drove away, apparently forgetting the shoes were on top of their car. When the shoes fell to the ground, he said, a friend of the victim picked them up.

“He was in the process of taking them inside the house when the suspects returned, I'm assuming to pick up the shoes, and fired some shots," Rivera said.

No one was hit by the gunfire.

Officers were able to track down a name and address for the suspect who they believed fired the shots. They went to that location on Gladstone Street around 4 a.m. and  found him and two other men sitting outside the home.

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“One of them ran inside,” Rivera said. “We were able to secure the other two suspects outside. We found the SKS at their feet.”

After evacuating several other family members from the home, police went inside and arrested the third suspect, the suspected shooter. They said they also recovered the second weapon inside the home.

Police said the suspected shooter had an outstanding warrant for aggravated robbery. He and the other two face a list of charges.

Crimes like this are part of the reason SAPD now has designated safe zones at each of its substations. The police department allows people who are taking part in online sales to use those areas to conduct the face-to-face part of the transaction.

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