Man describes truck smashing into bedroom while he slept

'I turned around, looked at the wall and the wall just split in two'

SAN ANTONIO – Scary moments for a North Side man when a driver crashed through his yard and into his house, feet away from hitting him.

"It's surreal," said Ken Mitchell as he stood outside of his house staring at all the debris strewn across his yard.

Mitchell said he was sleeping around 9 a.m. Monday.

"I heard a sound that sounded like thunder but I mean, real close thunder. I turned around, looked at the wall and the wall just split in two in the bedroom," he said.

It wasn't thunder, it was a truck. When he ran outside, he saw it had slammed into the corner of the master bedroom.

"I see half the fence gone, so I start rounding up my dogs and when I came around the corner that's when I saw the lady's truck. It was right here," he said pointing to his yard.

Tire marks in the yard show where the driver came barreling through the fence near the road, then hit the rock wall, and then smashed into the house, Left behind are piles of debris and even parts of her truck. 

"One of the 4x4s went through the windshield and it went through the dash right behind the steering wheel and if it had been any other angle it could have been really bad," Mitchell said.

The woman was taken to the hospital, with what police said were serious injuries, but she's expected to be OK. They still have not released what caused her to lose control of the truck. 

It's hard to believe Mitchell wasn't hurt at all.

"I was fortunate. It did move my bed about a foot and a half and the headboard is a little bit crooked," he said.

As he looked around his yard, torn to pieces, he realized it could have been a lot worse. Now he's just waiting for an insurance adjuster to come give him a damage estimate.

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