80 mph winds hit Wilson County overnight

Storms slam South Texas overnight Wednesday

WILSON COUNTY, Texas – Wilson County got some of the worst of the storms that rolled across South Texas overnight Wednesday, with the area around Calaveras southeast of San Antonio seeing up to 80 mph winds and lightening.

Sonja Fitzgerald woke about 12:30 a.m. to her building getting torn apart.

"We heard this roar go through, and you hear the roof get ripped off," Fitzgerald said.

The boarding house where she and 15 others working in or connected to the oil and construction industry stay had its metal roof peeled off, leaving a tangled mess of metal panels in an adjacent tree.

Jeff Oltjendiers, assistant chief of the Floresville Volunteer Fire Department, said the weather was intense as crews battled a house fire on County Road 128.

"It was howling. It was blowing," Oltjendiers said.

Firefighters think lightening was to blame for the fire, where a woman in her 70s lived.

The woman went to the hospital with minor burns on her face, which she suffered while trying to put out the flames.

It was one of many calls before 4 a.m.

"Oh, we were out here about two hours before, constant," Oltjendier said.

Utility repair trucks were out Wednesday morning to fix damaged power poles. At least 10 were broken.

Nicole Alcantar, who manages the boarding house where Fitzgerald stays, said the priority is getting her tenants a new place to stay.

"Right now it's about people, it's not about the roof," Alcantar said.

With more storms on the horizon, there's no time to lose.