Storm blows over RV with 4-month-old baby inside

Overnight storms hit Von Ormy

VON ORMY, Texas – An infant girl who slept through her family's RV being blown over by a storm Tuesday night in Von Ormy is doing OK, her family said.

Four-month-old Emory Conner was in the RV with her parents and her uncle when it rolled over in the Hidden Valley RV Park sometime after 11 p.m. Her mother, Michelle Conner, said she was holding Emory when the RV blew over.

"The next thing I know, I'm just sitting on top of the shower right here just holding her," Conner said. "And the most incredible thing is she never even woke up. She never even opened her eyes."

Speaking with KSAT on Wednesday, Conner's brother, Rodney McWhorter, surveyed the inside of the RV after it had been turned upright.

"It just looks like a bomb went off," he said.

McWhorter was visiting his niece for the first time. On Tuesday night, he found himself holding onto the RV's sliding sections with his brother.

"It was like the walls were breathing," he said.

Then, he said, something changed.

"I said 'hold on,'" he recalled. "Said, 'something's fixing to happen.' You know, there was a louder noise, and then it just flipped us."

Pointing to the ceiling, he said, "When I was flipping, I flipped up in the air and I created those dents. Like my whole body, just 'bloof.'"

As the RV settled on its side, Michelle Conner and Emory were trapped, cut off behind a door, and her husband was stuck, though he freed himself.

McWhorter said his sister was on the phone with 911 and he heard her say something about emergency responders being cut off at the end of the road, unable to get in.

So he said he kicked a hole barefooted in the corner with his feet and was able to make a small hole and slip out of the RV. McWhorter said he drove a short way down the road before he saw a sheriff's deputy walking up.

McWhorter said he put on his hazard lights and went back to the RV.

When they got back, McWhorter said they busted out the rear window and started getting everyone out. Conner said she and Emory went to the hospital to be checked out, but neither had any serious injuries.

The family dog also survived the storm, but they are still searching for the cat.

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