Woman recants story of near child abduction

FBI, SAPD find no evidence of abduction

SAN ANTONIO – The FBI said on Thursday there was no evidence two people tried to abduct her children from a busy shopping center.

A law enforcement source close to KSAT 12 News said she recanted her story.

In a phone conversation Friday morning, KSAT spoke with Katy Corrigan's attorney, Jimmy Carter with Langley & Banack Inc., who said Corrigan is not recanting her story.

KSAT spoke with Corrigan on Wednesday. She said she was at an H-E-B in the Lincoln Heights Shopping Complex when two people tried to abduct her daughter.

Neither the FBI nor San Antonio police investigators could find evidence to support Corrigan’s story.

FBI Special Agent Michelle Lee sent this statement:

"Today, the FBI and the San Antonio Police Department investigated an alleged attempt to abduct a child at a San Antonio grocery store (HEB) yesterday afternoon (May 18, 2016).   Investigators found no evidence that the attempted abduction took place. 

Addressing threats against children in our community is one of the highest priorities for both SAPD and the FBI.  We encourage the public to promptly report any activity which may threaten the safety of our children."

Police said Thursday afternoon Corrigan did not file a police report.