Know this now: June 4 - 10

Fort Hood, gorilla-gate and fantastic weather

SAN ANTONIO – Get in the know, San Antonio. Here are the stories that impact you and some you’ll be talking about at the water cooler this week.


Cancer survivor Alan Robles said he doesn’t scare easily after what he endured two years ago, but when he was confronted by a knife-wielding carjacker allegedly high on drugs, “I honestly thought it was going to be my last day,” he said. Robles said he was filling up his prized Ford Mustang at a convenience store about 1:30 a.m. Friday, when a man approached him saying he needed to see his girlfriend. || The move to revitalize the city's East Side is well underway, from rebuilding the old Wheatley courts to putting in new sidewalks and driveways. || West Side residents along a stretch of Culebra Road said they are tired of dodging traffic to cross the road. Residents and community organizers met on Friday with representatives from VIA and the city's Transportation and Capital Improvements Department in the 5500 block of Culebra Road. Frustrated with trying to dodge traffic on what they said is a dangerous stretch of road, residents want some solutions to make the area safer.


President Barack Obama has endorsed Hillary Clinton to succeed him as president. The move came after Obama met with her rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders. || Arrested within days of each other for separate killings, Sandy Guerrero, 30, and Jennifer Coryell, 43, are classic cases of the law of parties, according to Geary Reamey, a professor at the St. Mary’s School of Law. Neither woman pulled the trigger, but the noted expert in criminal law and criminal procedure said, “Somebody can be held responsible for what somebody else does.” || An alligator measuring 12 feet long and estimated to weight near 400 pounds was found walking down FM 546 just outside Floresville in Wilson County, Thursday morning.


The Bexar County Sheriff's Office has arrested a youth league coach accused of sexually assaulting a child. Jeffrey Ramos, 48, was arrested by deputies Saturday and is charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child. KSAT-12 has learned the alleged victim is a 12-year-old girl. || Donald Trump's criticism of a Latino judge overseeing a lawsuit involving Trump University shows that the presumptive Republican nominee for president is a racist, a Democratic congressman said Monday, and he told Trump to take his proposed border wall and "shove it up your ass." || Monday was a sad day for the men and women with the Cy-Fair Fire Department as they said their final goodbyes to Bretagne (pronounced "Brittany"), the last known surviving search and rescue dog who worked at Ground Zero after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Fatal flash flood on post

We know now the nine men and women killed in a flash flood at Fort Hood. The soldiers ranged in age from 19 to 38 and came from New York, California, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana and Texas.

  • Staff Sgt. Miguel Angel Colonvazquez, 38, New York’s Brooklyn borough
  • Spc. Christine Faith Armstrong, 27, Twentynine Palms, California
  • Pfc. Brandon Austin Banner, 22, Milton, Florida
  • Pfc. Zachery Nathaniel Fuller, 23, Palmetto, Florida
  • Pvt. Isaac Lee Deleon, 19, San Angelo, Texas
  • Pvt. Eddy Raelaurin Gates, 20, Dunn, North Carolina
  • Pvt. Tysheena Lynette James, 21, Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Cadet Mitchell Alexander Winey, 21, Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Spc. Yingming Sun, 25, Monterry Park, California
  • We thank these brave individuals for their service.

    “It’s not going to bring her back”

    The family of little Iris Rodriguez held a plate sale Sunday as they plan to bury the 7-year-old after she was taken off life support on Thursday. This weekend they also reacted to an arrest in the case. Frank Munoz was taken into custody Friday night but Iris’ grandmother said even with an arrest, “That's not going bring my grandbaby back,” Josephine Juarez said. "They didn't just kill one life. They're going (to) take two. I know my daughter. That was her everything,"

    5-year-old shot, police seek person of interest

    Police are seeking the public’s help as they try to find a man they consider a person of interest in a shooting that left a little girl on life support this past week. The man they want to talk to, Abdi Abdi, is shown in the picture above with two other men. Abdi is in the black hat.

    Dallas road signs hacked

    For the third time in eight days, pranksters hacked into Dallas-area road signs to turn warnings to drivers into jokes. The most recent message, which appeared Sunday morning saying “Gorilla deserved it” seeming to be a reference to the recent Cincinnati Zoo controversy. Earlier hacks said “Bernie for President” and “Donald Trump is a … shapeshifting lizard.”

    Summer time chillin’

    Now this a forecast we can get behind. Just in time for the first week of summer break for many kids, Mother Nature seems to be showing off now. Of course you can keep up with the latest weather forecast from Your Weather Authority.

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