City of San Antonio to purchase 204 acres on North Side

City plans to develop park on 39 acres pending City Council approval

SAN ANTONIO – The city of San Antonio plans to purchase 204 acres of ranch land on the North Side, officials announced Tuesday.

But there's a catch to the pending purchase from the Classen-Steubing family.

No development will be allowed on the majority of the land. Instead, the landscape will be maintained as green space.

Family member Rob Schlortt said selling the parcel of land to the city is part of sharing memories from his childhood with generations to come.

"I still get to enjoy it. I get to see it the way it was when I was a child, and (the way) my grandfather saw it when he was a kid," Schlortt said.

The historic ranchland sits on the sensitive Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, the city's largest source of drinking water.

City officials have promised the family that the majority of the land will be preserved and kept in its natural state.

"There's been so much residential development out in this part of San Antonio. We could estimate that it would be at least 3,500 homes and apartments that would be here if this were developed," Mayor Ivy Taylor said.

Pending City Council approval, only 39 out of the 204 acres purchased will be developed.

The plan is to build sports fields and hike-and-bike trails.

Construction has already begun on a trail to connect Stone Oak Park with the highly anticipated new park.